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CBD Extract 2000mg

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CBD Extract 2000mg
This CBD extract is the purest form of hemp oil. If you want to make the most of the positive effects of CBD, choose CBD Hemp Oil Extract 20% | 200mg. Due to the very delicate extraction method with Co2, this strong Raw hemp formula is bursting with beneficial natural cannabinoids. The main componen..
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Phyto Plus 2000mg raw formula is our purest and strongest organic CBD Oil Extract. This extra-strong CBD Paste is unfiltered to retain all essential cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other important phytonutrients such as Omega -3 + -6, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. CBD Hemp Oil Extract 20% is very ..
149.00 EUR
CBD Hemp Oil Extract 20% | 2000mg is the most appreciated CBD product by our customers worldwide. This classic way of taking CBD is the most effective. Many of our customers use this unfiltered pure CBD Hemp Extract as a cure or in addition to regular treatment.Because we at Phyto Plus believe in th..
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