CBD oil treatment now legal for Epilepsy in South Carolina

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Bill became law in South Carolina for treatment of severe epilepsy with CBD (Cannabidiol) oil. Senator Tom Davis, who sponsored the Senate version of the bill, was inspired by a young girl with severe epileptic seizures multiple times a day.

No pharmaceutical medication could takes this down to a livable number. But there are so many life changing stories about CBD oil like "Charlottes Web". South Carolina is now viewing the possibilities for the future to become a place where children from the South can come for CBD treatment.

In South Carolina, people with severe epilepsy may get the option to treat this disease with CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, an extract of the cannabis plant. There is a bill signed into law by government Nikki Haley. The oil is only available on prescription.

CBD-dominant oil, medical cannabis oil or hemp oil has a low THC content and therefore has almost no psychoactive effects of THC. Read more on our website about dilution types and effects.

The Senate version of the bill, sponsored by Senator Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, that became law, said he was inspired, for the submission of the bill by a young girl with the name Mary Louise Swing from Charleston is 6 years of age. This girl is experiencing up to 140 seizures a day. With the regular pharmaceutical medication she still has 30 to 40 seizures a day. There is many anecdotal evidence that CBD oil reduces the amount to a minimum to no attacks in a day. Something the pharmaceutical industry can not yet deliver. This means that a lot can change in some people's lives in South Carolina. So it's really a fantastic day.

When the governor signed the bill it went into effect, but not immediately available due to CBD (Cannabidiol) oil being illegal in the state. By this law, there is also room for a study committee that provides recommendations about growing these cannabis plants in the state and distributing CBD oil.

Rep. Jenny Horne, R-Summerville, sponsor of the Senate version of the bill says, that she believes that they can be a location where CBD is produced for children in the South. Children from the East Coast can come to South Carolina for this kind of treatment. The purpose of the study committee, to come up with a good plan to cultivate legally genetically-engineered cannabis in the future.

The District of Columbia, and twenty-two other states have agreed on the possibility to participate in a CBD (Cannabidiol) oil program or the use of medical marijuana. 


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