What is the effect CBD has in your brain?

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Many people including children are suffering from epilepsy worldwide. Results show that CBD (cannabidiol) has a very positive effects on the brain and can reduce epileptic seizures.

We have found fantastic movieclips that shows you what the electric impulses of a healthy brain looks like and the electrical storm that rushes through the brain when someone is having a epilepsy seizure.

Epilepsy seizures

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, almost one out of 25 people in the US struggles with epileptic seizures as we speak. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in your brain that can cause up to 30 seizures a day. CBD (Cannabidiol), the extract of the cannabis plant, is helping patients, including children, to counteract their epileptic seizures.Parents are hopeful for the effects of CBD on their children who are suffering from epilepsy. They hope this is a way to protect their young ones from epilepsy complications. Because approx. 50,000 people yearly die from these epileptic complications.

Understanding the effect of CBD in your brain

To understand the effect of CBD (cannabidiol) on a epileptic seizure in the brain, you first need to know what happens during such seizure. Here are 3 moviesclips to show you how your brain functions.

Normal functioning human brain

Here is a healthy human brain and you can see neurons firing electrical impulses in controlled patterns.



epilepsy seizure in human brain

Here you can see the electrical impulses firing all at the same time, almost like an electrical storm. It is sending mixed messages throughout the brain, this is why people during a seizure can not function normally.



Epilepsy - electrical storm in the brain

An electrical storm in the human brain.

Two theories

The two main theories of the CBD effects on epileptic seizures are:
1. CBD (cannabidiol) regulates calcium influx into the brain neurons, control of electrical volatility.
2. CBD reduces brain particles to swell.

UK data collection

UK trials are collecting data on CBD and it's positive effects on our human body. They do not focus on what CBD exactly does in the brain when having epilepsy seizures, so it can take many years to confirm one of these above theories.

Credits and fantastic movieclips are for Techknow http://america.aljazeera.com/

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