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It is common knowledge that smoking can cause numerous adverse health effects on the human body. Significant research has concluded that cigarette smoke can cause cancer, heart attacks, COPD, and strokes, among other diseases and medical conditions. A 2008 study indicated that tobacco use results in the highest number of preventable deaths in the world, and for every cigarette that a person smokes, their life expectancy will shorten by 11 minutes.

Today, these frightening statistics are well known in the U.S., and most people would agree that smoking is harmful. Unfortunately, smoking cessation is difficult, and many people struggle to quit. The intense cravings that result from trying to give up nicotine are often strong enough to cause smokers to abandon their quest to quit. Researchers have attempted to find ways to help smokers to give up their nicotine addiction, and a recent study has indicated that Cannabidiol (CBD) could be helpful when trying to quit smoking.

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