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CBD Pioneers

In 2015 we developed Phyto Plus® CBD. Therefore we are one of the pioneers in the CBD industry. We started very small and introduced our CBD products to the consumer, using our existing Health Food connections. Nowadays, our PHYTO+ CBD products can be found in many stores around Europe, and we have many satisfied online customers worldwide using our products.

Until this day, we produce at the highest level, “pharma grade,” with love for our products—a complete 100% natural CBD product line with an excellent quality guarantee. We, at Phyto Plus®, are dedicated to producing only the finest and purest quality CBD oil.

Our mission

This gift from Mother Nature brings us healing power. With this knowledge we produce, full of love for Nature; the best quality CBD extracts from this ancient beneficial hemp plant. Together with dedicated employees and “State of the Art’ equipment, we want to achieve the “Golden standard” for the production of pharmaceutical quality hemp products in the Cannabis industry. Our focus is on researching and developing innovative hemp extracts and making them available to the world.

We strive to be one of the best CBD Oil Brands worldwide. Without losing our primary priority, maintaining the highest possible quality, and meeting all required standards for this miraculous product from Mother Nature.

Good Health brings Great Joy in Life

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