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15 Jun What is CBG oil and what does it do exactly?
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Many people are familiar with CBD oil, but CBG (oil)? Fewer people have heard of CBG | Cannabigerol. But without CBG, there would be no CBD at all. Like CBD and THC, it is a cannabinoid, so its effect may be just as good as that of the CBD molecule. We are learning more and more about what this subs..
13 Jun What is the effect of CBD?
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What is the effect of CBD?It's amazing how powerful one plant extract can be – and the health benefits that this extract brings. The benefits of CBD far outweigh the drawbacks (side effects) of CBD. Before we get into this, we would like to remind you what CBD is and where CBD comes from. CBD (also ..
01 Feb What are terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoïds?
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In addition to more than 100 different cannabinoids, other essential substances are also naturally present in the beneficial hemp plant. Substances that contribute to the positive therapeutic effect include terpenes, chlorophyll, and flavonoids. These substances work together or amplify cannabinoids..
12 Jan What is Full spectrum CBD oil?
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What is full-spectrum CBD oil? In addition to CBD, the hemp plant contains more than five hundred different components. We can divide these substances into two major categories of plant substances, namely cannabinoids and terpenes. Other essential substances in the hemp plant are chlorophyll and fla..
11 Jan CBD oil can help against COVID-19 Coronavirus
Bianca 0 2237
Cannabinoids from the hemp plant block COVID-19 coronavirus from entering our cells. The report on the study “cannabinoids block cellular access of SARS-CoV-2 and emerging variants” was published online Monday by the Journal of Natural Products.Oregon State University - Researcher Richard van Breeme..
04 Oct CBD gives antibiotics “Superpowers.”
Bianca 0 5082
Cannabis could be the answer to antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The compound cannabidiol (CBD) gives certain antibiotics "superpowers,” making them more potent. Researchers have found that cannabidiol (CBD) combined with antibiotics has a more powerful effect in treating certain infections than anti..
17 Aug Cannabidiol (CBD) may help to treat nicotine addiction
Bianca 0 1199
UK Research studied cigarette consumption and CBDIn September 2014, a study completed by University College London researchers was published in Addictive Behaviors. University researchers attempted to investigate whether low doses of CBD could help smokers who wanted to quit smoking to overcome thei..
16 Apr Can CBD help people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?
Bianca 0 979
New research done in Brazil, results that CBD may have a positive effect on the symptoms of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most common substances found in marijuana, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound not like THC that gives you a high. The results of previous s..
23 Jan How can CBD help reduce acne?
Bianca 0 16809
The word acne gives everyone nightmares. Waking up with a spot on your face is something everyone fears. You feel like hiding all day long. With a pimple on our faces, we just don't feel like going anywhere. We find a way to stay at home and keep in contact with others to a minimum. Acne can have a ..
02 Aug The effect of Cannabinoids
Bianca 0 5663
Medical marijuana better known as Cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years, but only in recent decades, there is scientific evidence of why it is such a miracle plant. In particular, the effect of cannabinoids is important. Look at what diseases and ailments cannabis has proven effe..
17 May How does CBD oil work for migraines?
Bianca 0 6513
More and more people appreciate CBD oil for its very positive effect. Many recent studies show that CBD oil helps against migraines. CBD stands for cannabidiol, an essential element in cannabis that is essential for fighting multiple diseases and conditions. CBD contains only a small content of THC ..
15 Sep How does CBD support a healthy sleep?
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CBD oil can support your sleep in various ways. For example, CBD ensures that you fall asleep faster and that sleep hours are of high quality. Many people who want to improve their night's sleep choose CBD oil because it has several advantages over a sleeping aid.CBD is a good option if you are look..
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