Good news for the hemp industry in Europe! They have made a big achievement as cannabis leaves are no longer considered a new type of food (Novel Food). The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) worked hard for three years to make this happen. The European Commission, which makes important decisions, agrees that the bigger leaves of the cannabis plant are not Novel Food anymore.

They updated a special list called the Novel Food Catalogue to show this change. It says that people in Europe have been drinking water with hemp leaves or having them in herbal tea for a long time. This is great because it can help the hemp food market grow. This decision was made more than four years after the European Commission said all parts of the cannabis plant were Novel Food.

Hemp infused tea

But there's still a process that companies making certain CBD products need to go through. CBD is a compound found in cannabis. These companies have to show that their products are safe to eat. Hemp tea is one of the things that will be affected by this decision.

The president of EIHA, Daniel Kruse, says this is a big win for the hemp industry and shows how important it is for different companies to work together. People used to eat hemp leaves a long time ago, so this change is going back to how things were before 1997.

This change in the rules also matches something called the Single Convention of 1961, where it says hemp leaves are not the same as Novel Foods. Other products made from hemp seeds will also be seen as not Novel Food, so they have clear rules and can be sold easily in Europe.

EIHA also wants the Czech government to say that natural extracts made from hemp plants are a traditional food. They want to show that people have been using these extracts as food for many years in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Did you know hemp seeds are rich in essential fatty acids Omega -3 and Omega -6 and Vitamin E? They're often used in salads and added to smoothies.

You can even make your own hemp milk with hulled hemp seeds.

THC in hemp seeds

EIHA is happy with the progress, but they still need to hear from the European Commission about how much THC can be in hemp seeds. THC is a chemical in cannabis that can make you feel high. They hope to get clear rules so that people don't get confused or have their products taken away.

These new rules will make it clear that products made from hemp seeds are legal and can be sold. People will be able to enjoy drinks and tea made from hemp leaves, which will help farmers and businesses make more money.

What does EIHA do?

EIHA is an important group that supports the hemp industry in Europe. They work with hemp farmers, processors, and manufacturers to make sure the industry grows in a good way. They talk to the European Commission and other important people to make sure the rules are fair. They also do research and share knowledge to help the industry improve. They care about making hemp products in a way that is good for the environment and safe for people to use.