Many people are familiar with CBD oil, but CBG (oil)? Fewer people have heard of CBG | Cannabigerol. But without CBG, there would be no CBD at all. Like CBD and THC, it is a cannabinoid, so its effect may be just as good as that of the CBD molecule. We are learning more and more about what this substance can mean for humans. In this blog, you can read what CBG oil is and its benefits.

What is CBG oil exactly?

CBG stands for 'cannabigerol.' It is a relative of CBD and THC, which are much more widely known. This is probably also because the average (adult) hemp plant contains less than 1% of this substance. CBG is the first molecule produced by the hemp plant and is, therefore, the basis of all other cannabinoids in the plant. This is why Cannabigerol is called “the Mother of all Cannabinoids.” In short: without CBG, no CBD or THC. By the way, just like its counterpart, CBG does not make you 'high' - it has no psychoactive properties. More specifically, CBG is a so-called phytocannabinoid: a cannabinoid that comes from a plant. We need cannabinoids to function correctly and ensure that your body's balance restores more easily.

How is CBG made?

As CBD and most cannabinoids are extracted from fully matured hemp plants, typically, cannabigerol is obtained from young hemp plants. This relates to the above: because the hemp plant creates this substance first, more immature plants have more CBG than fully 'developed' plants. In addition, there is also a difference between hemp plant species.

When a cannabis plant is fully developed, you will find a much lower amount (down to 1%) of CBG. The fact is that while the cannabis plant is maturing, CBG converts to CBD and THC.

How does CBG (oil) work?

We all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS works with receptors (receivers). Two receptors in our body respond to cannabinoids. These receptors are called – quite simply – CB1 and CB2. Receptors of CB1 are in our nervous system and brain, while CB2 receptors are in our immune system and other parts of the body.

The substance CBG ensures that it connects, as it were, with these receptors, where it is now believed to enhance the function of anandamide. This neurotransmitter plays a role in, among other things, hunger, depression, and pain.

Phytocannabinoids vs Endocannabinoids - CBG Oil Phyto Plus CBD

The 10 potential benefits of CBG

From CBG to CBD – you would think that the two substances are very similar. Nevertheless, there are crucial differences between them. They have different chemical structures. Moreover, substances only need to differ a fraction from each other at the molecular level to have a completely different effect.

If you put the 'pictures' of the molecular connections of the two substances next to each other, you will see that they are pretty different.  However, they do agree on certain fronts. After all, they come from the same plant for a reason.

In any case, CBG oil has the necessary (expected) benefits, namely:

1: more appetite

You probably recognize it: when you are sick, you often hardly feel like eating. This certainly applies to, for example, people who have HIV or cancer – their appetite is sometimes hard to find.
By using CBG oil, people with HIV or cancer can have their appetite rekindled, partly thanks to certain chemicals CBG contains.

2: less pain

As you may know, all cannabinoids have an analgesic effect. CBG is (fortunately) no exception to this. A study (from 2018) shows how the CB2 receptors – as described earlier – respond to cannabigerol in the body. As a result, you may experience less pain after using CBG oil than before.

3: less anxiety and more balanced

CBD can work well against anxiety and negative feelings have now been well researched and well known.  For example, CBD ensures that your body notices and processes serotonin better, while CBG prevents the (re) absorption of the so-called gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Using CBG oil makes you feel less anxious (and, therefore, better). In addition, less gamma-aminobutyric acid causes your muscles to relax, which helps with muscle recovery after exercise.

4: clear skin

In the first benefit, we already told you how cannabigerol could have an anti-inflammatory effect. However, CBG oil can also help with skin problems, which are (often) caused by minor subcutaneous inflammations. CBG oil ensures – for example, in the case of acne – those overactive sebaceous glands have a more negligible effect on your skin. Read "How can CBD help reduce acne?" in our other blog.

Several studies have already assumed that using CBG oil may also reduce the risk of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

5: more alertness

CBG can make you feel more alert and have more focus than before use. We could all use that from time to time. 

Cannabigerol has a good influence on the neuro system. It can promote the growth of new brain cells, improving your focus and concentration in the future.

6: it may work against inflammation

In all likelihood, the use of CBG oil helps against the possible development of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), a disease that we know in the Netherlands in the form of Crohn's disease, among other things. During this study, CBG oil was tested on mice, and it was concluded that CBG might help against inflammation.

7: It may help treat glaucoma

It has been known for some time that the use of (medical) cannabis works well for treating glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye, a condition that can lead to blindness).

Studies show that CBG (oil) is one of the reasons in this case; the substance would lower eye pressure and thus prevent glaucoma.

8: Possible solutions for bladder problems

Another benefit of using CBG oil is in case of bladder problems. Certain cannabinoids do wonders for the functioning of your bladder.

Thanks to a study that examined five different cannabinoids to assess how beneficial they are to your bladder, we now believe that CBG oil works best for this.

9: CBG has a positive influence on your brain

Huntington's disease is one of the nastiest brain disorders out there, in which your body makes movements - due to an abnormality in the DNA - that you do not want to make.

It ultimately results in death. A study on mice with a brain disorder labeled CBG (oil) as promising in treating these types of diseases.

10: good against harmful bacteria

Bacteria – some are good for you, others make you sick. One study showed that CBG could kill bacteria. The bacterium MRSA (Staphylococcus Aureus) can lead to staphylococci (annoying skin diseases). These conditions can be drug-resistant and challenging to treat. Better to avoid it. Read "CBD gives antibiotics “Superpowers.” in our other blog post.

The best way(s) to use CBG

The most obvious way to take the substance CBG is (of course) through CBG oil. This is also the form in which you will most often encounter this on the market. Because CBG is relatively rarer – after all, it can mainly be obtained in the initial stage of the plant's development – ​​the price is often slightly higher than CBD oil.

One solution is to opt for full-spectrum oils, which contain all cannabinoids, including CBG. In addition, combining different cannabinoids can make it work better – the so-called entourage effect.

Five methods to use CBG oil

There are many ways you can take CBG oil. Some, for example, experience the taste as unpleasant and prefer not to drip under their tongue, while others are more sympathetic. Below we briefly explain some options on how you can take your CBG oil:

1: Sublingual | CBG oil under the tongue

Sublingual intake is probably the most well-known method. You drip under the tongue and wait 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing. It is the most efficient method because your tongue contains many capillaries, and the oil can be absorbed directly into your blood without being digested first.

2: In a snack (or other food)

As said: not everyone finds the above method equally tasty. Fortunately, you can also 'normally' use CBG oil in your food. The digestive process delays the effect of the CBG.

3: stir the CBG oil through your drink

Do you prefer to consume the CBG oil in a liquid 'meal'? That is also possible. The next time you make a smoothie in the blender, add a few drops of oil and blend.

You can also choose to put a few drops in your coffee or tea in the morning to start the day immediately.

4: Inhale (vape)

Some people choose to inhale CBG. With the help of a Vaporizer, you can vape CBG isolate. Some use vape pens or E-smokers. However, you do need special CBG vape oil for this. We are not a big fan of vape pens or E-liquid as they can cause lipid pneumonia. So that is not very healthy. The goal is to improve your health, not the other way around. One of the advantages of using a vaporizer is the instant effect of CBG. By inhaling through the lungs, it ends up directly in your bloodstream.

5: CBG oil on the skin

The fifth option may sound a little weird, but people are enthusiastic about it. Do you suffer from a sore knee, a bruised shoulder, or another body part (joint) that doesn't feel quite right? Then drop a little CBG oil on it, massage it gently, and you will notice the pain decrease.

Would you rather not apply it directly to your skin? Then mix the oil with your favorite lotion and apply it daily.