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CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate | CBD Crystals 99%

Discover the purest quality CBD crystals from Phyto Plus. This powder extract (also known as CBD isolate) consists of the highest attainable concentration of 99.9% CBD. CBD crystals are ideal if you would like to vape CBD or make CBD-containing edibles to promote balance and tranquility in your daily wellness routine. The versatile powdered CBD formula makes it easy to adjust your dose. We use supercritical Co2 clean air technology to produce CBD isolate. In this way, we, at Phyto Plus, can guarantee you the purest quality CBD crystal. You can rest assured that our CBD crystals are chemical-free and have been tested under strict quality control in our GMP-certified laboratories.

CBD Isolate is the cleanest and purest form of CBD available. CBD isolate or CBD crystal is the way to take CBD in its purest form. This almost-white powdery CBD extract is a very high concentration of 99% CBD. This versatile powder formula makes it easy to determine and adjust your dose. CBD isolat..
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