Do you want to buy CBD oil in Curaçao?

You can! Phyto Plus® CBD oil is legally available in Curaçao. The Public Health Inspectorate has approved Phyto Plus® CBD oil for sale in local Botikas / Pharmacies. Below you will find all Botika di Servisio addresses.

Do you live in Curaçao? Or are you going on holiday to Curaçao?

You can visit the botika di Servisio in your area. The botikas have the complete Phyto Plus® CBD oil collection in-house. You can choose different CBD concentrations. From a mild 3% CBD oil to a very powerful 15% CBD oil for a strong dosage. You can also opt for the ease of use of CBD oil capsules if you prefer to take CBD without smell or taste. Do you have sleeping problems? Then we have CBN oil. CBN oil regulates the natural sleep cycle.

Can I bring CBD oil to Curaçao?

No, you are not allowed to bring CBD oil to Curaçao. You can buy Phyto Plus® CBD oil in the botikas/pharmacy di Servisio on Curaçao. Phyto Plus® CBD has been approved by the Public Health Inspectorate and can therefore be sold in the local botikas.

At which Botika / Pharmacy can I buy Phyto Plus® CBD oil in Curaçao?

You can go to the Botika di Servisio for Phyto Plus® CBD oil. This is the largest group of pharmacies in Curaçao.

CBD oil at Botika di Servisio logo

Botika di Servisio is known for:

  • Expert advice from our pharmacists
  • Time for your opinion and wishes
  • Always friendly staff and quick help
  • Upgraded Service Level
  • The largest group of pharmacies in Curaçao
  • Complete schedule Botika na Warda Curacao

Is Phyto Plus® CBD oil the same as the CBD oil I use?

Our CBD oil is available in different concentrations, CBD 3% | CBD 5% | CBD 10% | CBD 15%. All our CBD oils are Full spectrum (they contain all essential cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) and are extensively tested according to GMP to ensure the highest quality.

Where can I buy Phyto Plus® CBD oil in Curaçao?

You can buy our CBD oil at the following Botikas/pharmacies on the island.

Botika di Servisio

Sta. Rosaweg 56

(+5999) 7365650

Botica Jan Noorduyn

Jan Noorduynweg 32

+599 9 869 8100

Botica Muizenberg

Kaya Havana hoek Kaya Belize

+599 9 869 2390

Botica Brievengat

Corrieweg 32

+599 9 737 9098

Botica Nos Deseo

FD Rooseveltweg 46b

+599 9 888 3539

Botica Mahaai

SBN Doormanweg 49-51

+599 9 738 3366

Botica Sta Rosa

Sta. Rosaweg 56

+599 9 736 5650

Botica Montagne Nobo

Kaya Otaheito 35, Montagne

+599 9 8433593

Botica Janwe

Caracasbaaiweg 191

+599 9 461 7553

Botica Plaza

de Ruyterkade 36

+599 9 465 3205

Botica Brion

Klipstraat Hoek 3

+599 9 4627027

Botica Juliana

Julianaplein 2-6

+599 9 465 4500

Would you like more information about buying CBD products in Curaçao or using Phyto Plus® CBD oil? Send a message to our CBD advisory team. The team will be happy to assist you.