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CBD Hemp Oil from Natural Farming | Phyto Plus®


Stay Fit and Flexible with CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are ideal for those who want to take CBD without the hemp flavor. Instead, you can use our tasteless gel capsules that are vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. The travel-friendly capsule version is excellent for when you're on the go and is easily incorporated into your daily supplement routine.

You know exactly how many milligrams of CBD each capsule contains. The oral consumption of a CBD capsule has a long-lasting effect.

We offer CBD hemp oil capsules in two different strengths: Medium formula of 10mg per capsule and Strong formula of 50mg CBD per capsule.

Natural Goodness

Full spectrum CBD Oil

Enhance your daily wellness routine with beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids! Premium formula Raw CBD Hemp Oil Drops. Adding this highly concentrated CBD Oil to your daily wellness routine contributes to strengthening your immune system and regulating imbalances in your body.


Why choose Phyto Plus® CBD Oil?

Why buy Phyto Plus CBD hemp oil? We guarantee the purest premium quality CBD hemp oil products available online! We are a market-leading brand based in Amsterdam, with 100% natural CBD hemp supplements since 2015. We offer the highest percentage of naturally produced full-spectrum CBD oil available. Our CBD hemp extracts are made from Scandinavian natural farming.

Our team of cannabinoid experts has developed a range of CBD formulations to suit everyone's needs. We at Phyto Plus® take your health very seriously. According to GMP-certified standards, all CBD hemp oils are under strict quality control. You are guaranteed to get superior-quality hemp oil supplements.


Discover our CBD balms enriched with the best hemp extract and pure botanical ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba, and citrus Grandis. Our rich CBD skincare formulas are made to support healthy skin. It soothes and repairs problematic skin.

Our CBD skincare line is free from harmful chemicals. 100% natural ingredients only. This makes these wonderfully scented CBD balms from Phyto Plus suitable for the whole family.

CBD Hemp Oil CapsulesAre you looking for hemp-flavored CBD with an accurate..
This CBD extract is the purest form of hemp oil. If you want to make the most of the positive effects of CBD, choose CBD Hemp Oil Extract 20% | 200mg...
17.95 EUR
Do you always want to have your favorite CBD Hemp Oil Drops 300mg in stock? If you are a regular CBD user or you have several family members that prof..
59.95 EUR 68.85 EUR
CBD Hemp Oil Extract 2000mg | multipack 4000mg total
Free shipping
CBD Hemp Oil Extract 20% | 2000mg is the most appreciated CBD product by our customers worldwide. This classic way of taking CBD is the most effective..
275.00 EUR 298.00 EUR
Our mild formula CBD hemp oil drops can be used as a supplement to your daily health routine. This pure cold-pressed hemp oil is unprocessed and not o..
22.95 EUR
CBD Hemp Oil Drops 15% | 1500mg
Free shipping
The strongest formula of Raw CBD Hemp Oil. 1500mg pure CBD+CBDa in a dropper bottle. Adding this highly concentrated CBD formula to your daily wellnes..
119.00 EUR
CBD Hemp Oil Extract 20% | 2000mg
Free shipping
Phyto Plus 2000mg raw formula is our purest and strongest CBD Oil Extract. This extra-strong CBD Paste is unfiltered to retain all essential cannabino..
149.00 EUR

Phyto Plus® from Seed to Label

The process starts with our finest quality hemp seeds selected for their strong characteristics (High in CBD). We produce our hemp in Scandinavia because this is one of the best regions in the world to grow hemp. Our hemp crops are specially developed to make CBD extract.

Our hemp plants are selected and handpicked at the harvest on their quality. We use a cold manufacturing process. In this process, the chemical composition (full spectrum) is almost unimpaired as found in the original hemp plant. This is the cleanest and mildest to extract a full spectrum CBD oil of the highest quality.

We take CBD product testing very seriously. We manufacture to GMP standards. (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure our CBD hemp products are of the finest quality and consistency. We unconditionally guarantee that our CBD products are 100% natural, Non-GMO, and free of synthetics.

Full spectrum CBD oil | GMP Certified | Vegan Friendly

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